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By The End Of This Article... You’ll Know How To Do ‘Almost’ Nothing & Get Your Perfect Body.
by Dr. Kareem F. Samhouri

Some people do absolutely nothing and look great. Deep down inside, you might be a bit jealous or even wondering if it’s possible for your body to ever react the same way. In fact, it is possible, and I’d go as far as saying it’s even likely you’ll end up with a flat stomach and the type of body others are jealous about when you leave the room -- that is, of course, if you share the next few minutes of your life with me.

What If I Told You That Weight Loss Is Easy, Takes Almost No Work, & You Can Get Your Ideal Body In Less Time Than It Takes To Shower Each Morning?

If you’re still not interested in losing fat and getting your ideal body, you’re not being fair to yourself or anyone around you. You know you’d be a more patient person, more loving, more in charge at work, and more confident as you walk down the street. You realize that your weight is something you’ve been sensitive about your entire life, but you’re just not doing anything about it... even when ‘anything’ is basically ‘nothing.’

Get Up & Do Something For Just 10 Minutes — It Doesn’t Take Any Longer & You Can Eat Delicious Food Until You’re Absolutely Stuffed With Every Meal.

Weight loss, or fat loss, comes down to shifting your metabolism. Ideally, you shake it up just often enough for your body to think it needs to evolve to deal with its surroundings. Over time, it takes less and less to do something ‘different’ and have your body react. In fact, I go many days doing about 75-90 seconds of exercise and ‘knowing’ that I’m shedding fat more than I used to in 90 minutes of pouring sweat the whole time. It all comes down to my approach, and a choice between being ‘proactive’ or ‘reactive;’ better spoken, it’s a commitment to follow a plan to exercise a certain way so I can eat what I want, or to eat a certain way so I don’t have to exercise much at all. Either way, there’s very little involved, and I can get down to about 7.5% bodyfat using these exact techniques.

Follow These 3 Steps To “Switch” Your Metabolism To “Flat Stomach Mode” & Stop Trying So Hard To Lose Fat Or Keep It Off:

Step 1: Break Homeostasis

When you want to create any reaction in your body, do something different. Your body adjusts quickly to any stress or demand placed upon it, so the last thing you ever want to do if you’re looking to lose weight is eat the same meal every day for lunch or do the same exercise routine when you go to work out. This may seem counterintuitive to you, but it’s true. If you want to lose fat, get your body screaming, “what’s going on?” In a moment of weakness, your body strengthens, and if you change up your meals and workouts, your body will adapt and help you by losing weight.

Step 2: Create Homeostasis

Place a new demand on your body and sustain it for 6 weeks, or the period of “plasticity;” after six weeks, there is an actual permanent representation of movement, habit, or pattern in your gyri and sulci (grooves and ridges on your brain) representing this new habit or movement. After six weeks of ‘mixing it up’ on your body and seeing a fat loss result, the best thing you can do is ‘maintain.’ Alternating ‘peak’ periods and ‘maintenance’ periods will simplify fat loss. Instead of experiencing rebound weight gain, you’re bound to stabilize with your increased metabolism, and then rise again; weight loss becomes much easier.

Step 3: Repeat & Lose Weight Faster Every Time

“Interval... train weight loss” by alternating intense periods of rapid weight loss with ‘rest’ periods of doing very little, if anything. After six weeks of pushing your body to new limits, enjoy it on a casual stroll every day and swing around some heavy weights for 60-90 seconds on two to three days per week. It really doesn’t take more, and you’ll be able to see everything you’ve ever looked for in your body. Get ready, because the game is about to change.

In fact, I use this exact method to MELT Fat at the fastest speed I’ve ever seen. I’ve used this method with tens of thousands of clients, hundreds of thousands of newsletter subscribers, and most importantly, it’s what I recommend to my closest friends and family when they ask me for weight loss advice. I challenge you to abandon disbelief and try this for yourself.